TrackMan Baseball Rental

Rent a TrackMan Baseball unit at the facility or field of your choice. Get access to TrackMan Baseball metrics, the choice of big-league organizations and players. Ideal for all levels of teams and ballplayers. A trained TrackMan Baseball technician will travel to your site, set up, calibrate, and run the entire TrackMan session for you or your team using the most accurate radar technology in the industry.

Trackman Data

Hitting Output

  • Exit Speed 
  • Spin Rate 
  • Contact Point
  • Launch Angle 
  • Launch Direction
  • Distance
  • Swing Video Integration

Pitching Output

  • Release Speed
  • Spin Rate
  • Release Point and Angle
  • Movement
  • Location
  • Pitch Video Integration
  • and much more!


Includes a TrackMan Cloud account for each player to store and reference current and future TrackMan sessions.

$150 per hour (1.5 hour minimum) 
$500 half day – four hours 
$900 full day – eight hours 
$75 per hour post-session metrics interpretation and consulting

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